Welcome to Shiga Kogen !

Shiga Kogen is part of Joshin’etsukogen National Park, one of 34 national parks in Japan, and one of 10 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the country.

Located in the centre of Honshu, the main island of Japan. this plateau was formed by numerous volcanic activities throughout its long history and features a variety of ponds, marshes, and hot springs.
The abundant forests provide dynamic landscapes to be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.

“The word ‘Kogen’ in Shiga Kogen means ‘Highland’, and as the name implies, this area is based at altitudes ranging from 1300m to 2300m above sea level.

In the green seasons, there are more than 20 trekking trails ranging from short walks to long one-day walks; you can enjoy them with a map, updated information, and appropriate hiking gear. We always welcome your visit to get the latest information from us.

The snow-covered winter mountains make it one of the largest snow resorts in the country, and the high altitude creates excellent ‘Japow’, enjoyed not only by skiers and snowboarders but also by snowshoe trekkers!

The Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Centre is located in the centre of Shiga Kogen and serves as a nature information desk, providing information on the flora and fauna of Shiga Kogen and updated trail information.
We always welcome you as your first stop at Shiga Kogen!

The Shiga Kogen Guide Association, also attached to the Nature Conservation Centre, offers guided hiking tours during the green season and snowshoe tours during the snowy winter season. All our guides are highly versed in local nature, culture, and history.
English-speaking local guides are also available!

Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Center

The perfect starting point for your adventure!

The Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Centre is located in the centre of Shiga Kogen, and it’s the perfect starting point for your visit to Shiga Kogen.

In the exhibition room of the Nature Conservation Centre, you can enjoy looking at and sometimes touching on the history and culture, flora-fauna and land creation of Shiga Kogen.
You can even create your original ‘Forest Craft’ using materials from the mountains and take them home with you!

At the information desk, we provide updated weather forecasts, trail maps, bus timetables, and all other local information you want to know.
English-speaking staff is available almost every day.

Operating Details Door is Open all year round from 9:00 to 16:00
Free Wi-Fi / Free Admission
Contact TEL: +81 269-34-2133
E-mail: Contact
Location Location Shiga Kogen Sougoukaikan 98
7148 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun
Nagano 381-0401, JAPAN

Museum Guide Map

Museum Guide Map

Shiga Kogen Guide Association

Let’s make your time more enjoyable with us!

The Shiga Kogen Guide Association was established in 2003 to make more visitors aware of the abundant nature, rich history, and vibrant culture of Shiga Kogen.

In the green season, we organize trekking tours and environmental education programs for students, and in the winter, we take visitors to trekking on the snow with snowshoes.

We are also involved in a wide range of activities, such as trail maintenance, cleaning public toilets, litter pick-up and exotic weed control.

Shiga Kogen has many well-maintained trails, and exploring them with our knowledgeable guides allows you to discover something you’ve never experienced.

We invite you to enjoy Shiga Kogen in harmony with nature. Join us on an exploration, and let’s uncover the unique allure of Shiga Kogen together!

Getting Here

Area Map

Area Map

By Car

From Tokyo
Kanetsu Expressway
Fujioka JCT
Joshinetsu Expressway
Shinshu Nakano IC
Shiga Nakano Toll Road/National Route 292
Shiga Kogen

3 hours and 40 minutes

From Osaka
Meishin Expressway
Komaki JCT
Chuo Expressway
Okaya JCT
Nagano Expressway/Joshinetsu Expressway
Shinshu Nakano IC
Shiga Nakano Toll Road/National Route 292
Shiga Kogen

6 hours

From Kanazawa, Niigata
Hokuriku Expressway
Joshinetsu JCT
Joshinetsu Expressway
Shinshu Nakano IC
Shiga Nakano Toll Road/National Route 292
Shiga Kogen

4 hours

Important Notice

  • National Route 292, from Shiga Kogen Yokote-yama to Gunma Prefecture, is closed for winter from mid-November to late April.
  • From late November to late April, the road surface freezes, so please drive safely by using studded tires and chains.
  • There are no gas stations in Shiga Kogen. Please ensure you have enough fuel before coming.

By public transportation.

To JR Nagano Station

From Tokyo

Shinkansen Asama

79 minutes

Hokuriku Shinkansen Hakutaka

80 minutes

From Nagoya

Limited Express "Shinano"

2 hour 53 miutes

From Shin-Osaka

Tokaido Shinkansen and Limited Express "Shinano"

3 houre 54 minutes

From Osaka

Limited Express train "Thunder Bird" and Hokuriku Shinkansen

3 houre 50 minutes

From Kanazawa

Hokuriku Shinkansen

65 minutes

JR East Net Station

From JR Nagano Station

Direct Bus
Nagano Dentesu Railway Nagano Station
Direct bus
Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki Bus Stop

70 minutes

Railway/Route Bus
Nagano Dentesu Railway Nagano Station
Nagano Dentetsu Line
Yudanaka Station
Route Bus
Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki Bus Stop

about 90 min to 130 min

*The bus travel time from Yudanaka Sta. to Shiga Kogen Yamaneki Bus Stop remains the same at 37 minutes.
However, the travel time from Nagano Sta. to Yudanaka Sta. varies from 57 to 99 minutes, due to transfer at intermediate stations and three different express trains.

Important Notice

  • The bus operating hours vary between summer and winter.

Nagano Dentetsu Line Time Table

Nagaden Bus

Alternative Option
Door to Door service from airports / hotels / other ski resorts nearby