Shiga Kogen 6 Rules

Shiga Kogen 6 Rules

The rich natural environment of Shiga Kogen has long provided water, food and livelihoods for the local people and all other animals. It is now a place where many tourists visit and enjoy the beauty of the environment.

To maintain a pleasant environment for visitors, the people who live here and the many living creatures that have coexisted in these forests for a long time, please observe the rules and mind your manners in your behaviour here.

The rules for Shiga Kogen are also the rules for all national parks in the country. Please follow the rules and visit various nature parks nationwide.

  • image:Leave what you find

    Leave what you find

    The plants, animals and even small pebbles that live here are an integral part of the ecosystem. Please leave what you find.

    When one species disappears, others may disappear with it.

    Let’s keep the thread of the coexistence of diverse life forms alive for the future.

  • image:Stay on trails

    Stay on trails

    Wooden paths and footpaths are there to minimise the impact on the natural environment.

    They also help to prevent you from getting lost. Please, do not deviate from the

  • image:Take everything you bring with you back home.

    Take everything you bring with you back home.

    Leaving behind trash or uneaten food can have a significant impact on the rich natural environment of Shiga Kogen, potentially compromising its beautiful landscape. It can also attract wildlife due to odors, leading to changes in their behavior and ecology.

  • image:Campfires are prohibited

    Campfires are prohibited

    In national parks, open fires are prohibited except in authorised areas to protect the environment.

    If you wish to enjoy bonfires in Shiga Kogen, please use the following campsites (only during the green season)

  • image:Respect wildlife

    Respect wildlife

    The rich forest of Shiga Kogen has always been home to many wildlife, even before we humans arrived.

    To continue to live in harmony with them, we need to minimise our impact on nature.

    The Basics:

    1. Do not approach wild animals or chase them.
    2. Do not feed them - Feeding wildlife can adversely affect their health, disrupt the natural distance between humans and animals, make them aggressive, take away their ability to live in the wild, etc.
    3. Avoid leaving items with food odours unattended
    4. Always leash your pets, and of course, take their droppings with you
    5. Carry a bell or something that can be heard far away to let the black bear know where you are.
  • image:Drive safely

    Drive safely

    The roads in Shiga Kogen are also pathways for animals. Drive safely to avoid collisions between animals and vehicles.

    Some routes in Shiga Kogen are closed during winter or may experience freezing conditions.

    Vehicles must have winter tires and 4-wheel drive during this time.

    We recommend that you check road information in advance of your visit.


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