About Shiga Kogen

Where is Shiga Kogen?

Shiga Kogen is a beautiful area stretching into the town of Yamanouchi in Nagano Prefecture.

Yamanouchi Town is located in Nagano Prefecture at the nail of your little finger when looking at the back of your right hand. 

The straight line distance to the surrounding area is approximately:

  30 km northeast     of Nagano City

165 km northwest  of Tokyo

  55 km southeast    of the Sea of Japan

Imagined on the back of the right hand, the Sea of Japan extends beyond the middle finger, Nagano City is located at the central knuckle and Tokyo is at the inner elbow. 

Yamanouchi Town is divided into three areas, including ‘Shiga Kogen’, Kita (means North) Shiga Kogen’ and ‘Yudanaka-Shibu Onsen Resort’, and is connected by a 14 km national route from ‘Yudanaka-Shibu Onsen Resort’, which spreads out at the foot of the Shiga Kogen mountains, to the central area of Shiga Kogen.

Shiga Kogen boasts a vast area of approximately 17,500 ha, featuring over 20 hiking trails and 18 ski resorts. *skiable terrains are 400 ha. 

Enjoy and discover the array of seasonal wonders at your leisure. 

Geography and Climate

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Flora & Fauna

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History & Culture

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