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Explore the challenging winter forest with a personalized guide.

Custom Snowshoe Guided Tour Tailored to Your Preferences!

Up to 5 participants per group.

Experience the pristine snowfields and ancient forests, immersing yourself in Japan's renowned heavy snowfall and powder snow.

Welcome to the winter wonderland of Shiga Kogen! Embark on a journey deep into the heart of the ancient forest, surrounded by breathtaking 360° panoramas.

In the winter, Shiga Kogen is renowned for being Japan's largest ski area. However, by donning snowshoes, you can venture off the beaten path of summer hiking trails and delve into the depths of the ancient forest, experiencing the serene winter silence. Why not embark on a journey into the soundless winter woods yourself?

Map of Higashidate

How about a customized snowshoe guided tour like this?

Discover the beauty of Shiga Kogen with our tailored snowshoe guided tours, based at the Shiga Kogen Nature Conservation Center. We design unique plans to match your preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience that caters to your specific requests.

Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself.

Our snowshoe guides also offer routes near the ski resort. Once you enter the forest from the trail, you'll experience a private space that can only be enjoyed with snowshoes. We'll take you to the mountain's summit with a gondola ride, and from there, it's just a short journey to reach the final peak. Your exclusive panoramic view awaits you there.

Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself. photo1
Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself. photo2
Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself. photo3
Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself. photo4
Have the breathtaking summit views all to yourself. photo5

Engage in playful activities with the snow.

Utilize the slopes of the mountains for exhilarating sledding or dive into the powder snow – experiencing the finest powder snow in Honshu will gently embrace your body. Indulge in the luxury of enjoying real snow tailored just for you.

Engage in playful activities with the snow. photo1
Engage in playful activities with the snow. photo2
Engage in playful activities with the snow. photo3

Feeling tranquility in the silent forest.

The forests of Shiga Kogen, protected as a national park since ancient times, have remained unchanged in their primordial beauty.

During summer, the depths of the forest, inaccessible otherwise, can be easily explored with snowshoes. Deep within the woods, a serene atmosphere prevails, creating a space of tranquility and healing. The profound silence envelops you, allowing you to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Feeling tranquility in the silent forest. 写真1
Feeling tranquility in the silent forest. 写真2
Feeling tranquility in the silent forest. 写真3

Listen attentively to the breath of the flora and fauna around you.

Explore the winter beauty of Shiga Kogen's forest with the exclusive guides from the Shiga Kogen Guide Association, ensuring a safe snow experience. Discover a different side of Shiga Kogen in winter, akin to a treasure hunt, as you find traces of animals during the guided tour.

During a tranquil tea time in the midst of the forest, take a moment to listen to the sounds of the woods. A special time awaits, where you become one with the forest.

Listen attentively to the breath of the flora and fauna around you. photo1
Listen attentively to the breath of the flora and fauna around you. photo2
Listen attentively to the breath of the flora and fauna around you. photo3

Enjoyments during your stay

In addition to snowshoeing, winter in Shiga Kogen offers the opportunity to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at one of Japan's largest ski resorts.

At the mountaintop observation restaurant of the Higashitateyama Gondola Lift, you can savor a lunchtime moment with unobstructed panoramic views. Exploring the diverse range of restaurants in the area is also one of the delightful ways to experience Shiga Kogen.

Whether carving through the slopes or indulging in culinary delights with stunning vistas, Shiga Kogen provides a multifaceted winter experience for both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking a leisurely escape.

Enjoyments during your stay photo1

How about enjoying night skiing under the glittering starlit sky? In the Ichinose Hotel district, a vibrant restaurant area adds to the sparkle of the evening. Nighttime culinary exploration is another way to fully immerse yourself in the Shiga Kogen experience throughout the day. With a variety of restaurant formats, you won't tire of dining options during your stay. Whether it's the thrill of night skiing or the diverse culinary offerings, Shiga Kogen offers a dynamic and enchanting experience from day to night.

Enjoyments during your stay photo2

The "Snow Monkey Park," where wild monkeys soak in hot springs, has gained international attention. Located at the base of Shiga Kogen, it's accessible by car in about 15 minutes, followed by a 30-minute walk from the nearest parking lot. This area's unique charm lies in the fact that, from Shiga Kogen, visitors can easily tour and witness this one-of-a-kind spectacle—the only one of its kind in the world where wild monkeys enjoy hot springs.

Enjoyments during your stay photo3

How about trying Shiga Kogen Beer, born from the pristine streams of Shiga Kogen, similar to the "Engi" sake made from rice nurtured in the clear waters of Shiga Kogen? At the Tamamura Honten Sake Brewery at the foot of the mountains, you can not only enjoy the brewery's offerings but also explore galleries and witness the sake-making process.

Of course, staying in Shiga Kogen provides the perfect opportunity to savor various types of beer produced in the region. Whether you're exploring the brewery or enjoying a relaxing stay, the flavors of Shiga Kogen's beverages are a delightful addition to the experience.

Enjoyments during your stay photo4

The volcanoes that shaped the land of Shiga Kogen bring forth abundant hot springs. There are eight hot springs scattered across Shiga Kogen, each offering different types of baths for visitors to enjoy.

Additionally, at the base of the mountains, there's the well-known Shibu Onsen, heated by the volcanic energy of Shiga Kogen. Taking a short trip from Shiga Kogen allows you to experience the charming atmosphere of this traditional hot spring town with a rich history.

Enjoyments during your stay photo5

An exclusively tailored guide will be at your service, ushering you into your own world of experiences.

Our private guided tours are custom-designed to cater to your preferences as much as possible. Please start by contacting us through the form below.

(This program is being carried out with the full cooperation of local stakeholders.)